CreateChart([sType], aSeries, aSeriesNames, aCatNames, nWidth, nHeight, nStyleIndex, aNumFormats) → { ApiChart }

Creates a chart with the parameters specified.


Name Type Default Description
sType ChartType "bar"

The chart type used for the chart display.

aSeries Array

The array of the data used to build the chart from.

aSeriesNames Array

The array of the names (the source table column names) used for the data which the chart will be build from.

aCatNames Array

The array of the names (the source table row names) used for the data which the chart will be build from.

nWidth EMU

The chart width in English measure units.

nHeight EMU

The chart height in English measure units.

nStyleIndex number

The chart color style index (can be 1 - 48, as described in OOXML specification).

aNumFormats Array.<NumFormat> | Array.<String>

Numeric formats which will be applied to the series (can be custom formats). The default numeric format is "General".




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var oPresentation = Api.GetPresentation();
var oSlide = oPresentation.GetSlideByIndex(0);
var oChart = Api.CreateChart("bar3D", [
  [200, 240, 280],
  [250, 260, 280]
], ["Projected Revenue", "Estimated Costs"], [2014, 2015, 2016], 4051300, 2347595, 24, ["0", "0.00"]);
oChart.SetSize(300 * 36000, 130 * 36000);
oChart.SetPosition(608400, 1267200);
oChart.SetShowPointDataLabel(1, 0, false, false, true, false);
var oFill = Api.CreateSolidFill(Api.CreateRGBColor(51, 51, 51));
oChart.SetSeriesFill(oFill, 0, false);
oFill = Api.CreateSolidFill(Api.CreateRGBColor(255, 111, 61));
oChart.SetSeriesFill(oFill, 1, false);
builder.SaveFile("pptx", "CreateChart.pptx");

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