The most common problems with the editors integration and the ways to solve them.

Download failed

The "Download failed" message is displayed at the editors loading process.

The Document editing service cannot upload the file for editing.

Check if the link to the file specified in the document.url is correct. The link must be accessible from the document editing service.

When closing the editor after the editing, the file is unchanged in the document manager.

The document editing service could not send the data to the document storage service.

Check if the editorConfig.callbackUrl link is correct. The saving in the document manager must be implemented through the Callback handler

Could not be saved

The editor is loaded with the "The document could not be saved" message.

The document editing service cannot connect to the document storage service at the editorConfig.callbackUrl address.

Check if the Callback handler is working correctly. The document storage service must return {"error": 0} in response.

The file version has been changed

The editor is loaded with the "The file version has been changed. The page will be reloaded" message.

The document editing service cannot open the previously edited and saved file for editing.

Do not forget that every time the document is edited and saved, the document.key must be generated anew.

The file version cannot be opened

The document editing service cannot open the file version.

Check if the changesUrl link from the setHistoryData method corresponds to the previous.url parameter.

No collaborative editing

No co-editing is available when the document is opened for editing by different users.

The document editing service opens two different files for editing.

Check if the document.key values coincide to be able to co-edit the same document. The key value must change after the save, must differ for different documents and coincide when co-editing one and the same document.

Invalid token

The editor is loaded with the "The document security token is not correctly formed. Please contact your Document Server administrator" message.

The document editing service requests an encrypted signature.

Check if the token is correct. The token must be generated in accordance with the JWT (JSON Web Tokens) standard and present in ONLYOFFICE Docs config.