ONLYOFFICE Document Builderv8.0

ONLYOFFICE Document Builder is a C++ library used to create and edit Office Open XML format files (documents, spreadsheets and presentations) and save them to DOCX, XSLX, PPTX and PDF formats.

It allows you to build a document easily without the need to actually run a document processing editor. It also allows the developers to automate document building using the templates you create or inserting the data from some database of yours into a document or a set of documents. It has all the features of a common document editor but is lightweight and can be easily integrated into your document management system, CRM system, etc. using its JavaScript API.

How to use

There are two ways to use ONLYOFFICE Document Builder in your own project:

  1. Integrate this library into your own application. To get ONLYOFFICE Document Builder, visit this page.

    After you download and unpack the files, the library is ready for integration.

  2. Use Builder.App, the provided executive binary wrapper for an easy start. The latest versions of executable files can always be downloaded here. After the file download, run it and see the examples of how ONLYOFFICE Document Builder can be used without the need to write any application.

ONLYOFFICE Document Builder consists of four components:

Component Description
Builder.API The JavaScript API to work with the document editor. It contains classes and methods for every document type: Text document API, Spreadsheet API, Presentation API, and Form API.
Builder.Framework A software tool that contains a collection of libraries, classes, and functions that are used to develop applications. Currently, the following frameworks are available: C++, COM, .Net.
Builder.App The docbuilder.exe executable file which can be run from your application with the .docbuilder script file as a parameter to it.
Builder.Server The code for the sample of ONLYOFFICE Document Builder integration into your application

ONLYOFFICE Document Builder in action

This is the live examples of how ONLYOFFICE Document Builder works.

Use the script in the textarea below as is to generate the document or you edit it in the textarea window. Or, in case you have a script of your own, use the Upload your own script button under the textarea to upload it.

Upload your own script

Fill the data into the text areas below so that it could appear in the output document. When done use the buttons to the right of the fields to create the appropriate document type with your entered data.

Get help

If you have any questions or feature requests about ONLYOFFICE Document Builder, please visit GitHub.

You can also ask our developers on ONLYOFFICE forum (registration required).