Basic concepts

ONLYOFFICE Workspace For hosting providersv12.6

The ONLYOFFICE Hosted Solution is implemented as REST over HTTP using GET/POST. All the resources, like client creation, portal registration, etc, have their own URLs and are designed to be manipulated in isolation.


Authentication in the ONLYOFFICE Hosted Solution is managed via the HTTP authentication, i.e. every request must include the Authorization HTTP header. For information and examples please visit the Authentication section.

Making requests

To identify the request and response format, please make sure that both the Content-Type and Accept headers are set to application/json. The API methods are called without specifying the format for the response and are returned in JSON format.


If a request succeeds, it will return a status code in the 200 range and a JSON-formatted response. Note that, in general, if a request causes a new record to be created, the response will use the 201 Created status. Any other successful operation will return a 200 status code.

If a request fails, a non-200 status code will be returned in JSON format, containing the error code and additional error information (if available) as the response content.

Possible error codes and their description
HTTP Status Code Error code Description
400 portalNameEmpty The required parameter portalName, which must be present in the request, is not specified.
400 tooShortError The portalName specified in the request is too short.
400 portalNameIncorrect Invalid characters in the portalName parameter.
400 portalNameNotFound No portal with the portal name specified in the request has been registered.
400 portalNameExist Portal with the portal name specified in the request has already been registered.
400 portalsCountTooMuch The limit for the number of portals has been reached.
400 tooMuchAttempts The limit for the number of request attempts has been reached.
400 passPolicyError The password specified in the request does not meet the requirements.
400 recaptchaInvalid Invalid reCAPTCHA value has been entered.
400 params An error has been made in the method parameters specified in the request.
403 authorization Authorization error, the possible reasons: an unknown authorization scheme is used, or the authorization key is missing, or the authorization key time is out, or a wrong key is used.
500 authorization Internal server error when decoding the authorization key.
500 registerNewTenantError Internal server error when registering a new portal.
500 error Internal server error.

Get help

If you have any questions or feature requests about ONLYOFFICE Hosted Solution, please visit ONLYOFFICE forum (registration required).