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CDocBuilderValue Call(sName, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6);

Calls the specified Document Builder method. See the Text document API, Spreadsheet API, Presentation API or Form API sections for more information which methods are available for various document types.

Please note, that for the .docbuilder file the CDocBuilderValue.Call method is not used explicitly. The method itself is used instead. See the example below.


Name Type Description
sName const wchar_t*/const char* The name of the Document Builder method in the Unicode or UTF8 format.
p1-p6 CDocBuilderValue The parameters that the Document Builder method takes as arguments.



std::wstring sWorkDirectory = NSUtils::GetBuilderDirectory();
CDocBuilder oBuilder;
CContext oContext = oBuilder.GetContext();
CValue oGlobal = oContext.GetGlobal();
CValue oApi = oGlobal["Api"];
CValue oDocument = oApi.Call("GetDocument");


var oDocument = Api.GetDocument();