Starting from version 5.6, ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors offers support for Private Rooms, secure workspace where every symbol you type is encrypted end-to-end even if you co-edit documents in real time. Using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors makes it possible to encrypt and decrypt the data on the client, ensuring endpoint security.

Declare the cloudCryptoCommand function to process messages from the desktop app:

window.cloudCryptoCommand = function (type, params, callback) 
Name Description Type

Defines the command type:

  • encryptionKeys - to save private and public keys to the parameters,
  • relogin - to re-enter the portal after unsuccessful keys decryption,
  • getsharingkeys - to request for the public keys of all the users who have access to the file. The keys will be transferred via callback:
  • callback ({"keys": [{"userId": "78e1e841","publicKey": "yyy"}, ...]})

Defines the parameters that are passed to the method. string
Defines the result that the method returns. string

Explore the following pages to find out which commands need to be used for: