Configuring the DMS/Desktop Editors interaction

Once your DMS is added to the connection list, configure the DMS/Desktop Editors interaction:

  • log in to your DMS so that it will be displayed in the Connected clouds list,
  • enable notifications from the desktop application,
  • change the interface theme,
  • enable end-to-end encryption.

Before proceeding further, it’s highly recommended to adjust the DMS elements to be displayed when the document is opened in the desktop application.

Exclude the functionality which is not related to the document manager. Hide such sections like navigation, site header and footer, etc. Remove links to the third-party resources. Other pages will open in the default browser without interacting with the desktop editors.

  • ?desktop = true is added to the parameters of the server request address.
  • Starting from version 6.1, the application adds the AscDesktopEditor $version$ line to the navigator.userAgent parameter. For example, AscDesktopEditor 6.1.0.
  • In JavaScript code there is also a window.AscDesktopEditor object whose methods can send commands and information to the app.