Changing a theme

Starting from version 7.5, you can change a theme of the desktop editor tab. To do this, use the portal:uitheme command of the execCommand method.

window.AscDesktopEditor.execCommand ("portal:uitheme", editorTheme);
Name Description Type Example
Defines the editor theme settings. It can be set in two ways:
  • theme id - the user sets the theme parameter by its id (theme-light, theme-classic-light, theme-dark, theme-contrast-dark),
  • default theme - the default dark or light theme value will be set (default-dark, default-light). The default light theme is theme-classic-light.
The first option has higher priority.

Apart from the available editor themes, the user can also customize their own color themes for the application interface.
string "theme-dark"
window.AscDesktopEditor.execCommand("portal:uitheme", "theme-dark")

When the portal:uitheme command is sent, the editor theme is changed to the one specified in the method parameters.