Plugin types

The following plugin types can be distinguished:

Type Interface Description
Plugin IPlugin The default plugin. This interface is required.
SettingsPlugin ISettingsPlugin The plugin that manages settings for the administrator or owner.
APIPlugin IApiPlugin The plugin that is provided with the origin, proxy, and prefix to make requests to the portal server.
ContextMenuPlugin IContextMenuPlugin The plugin that is embedded in the context menu of files, folders, rooms, images, video (audio).
InfoPanelPlugin IInfoPanelPlugin The plugin that is embedded as a separate tab in the file info panel.
MainButtonPlugin IMainButtonPlugin The plugin that is embedded in the main button.
ProfileMenuPlugin IProfileMenuPlugin The plugin that is embedded in the profile menu.
EventListenerPlugin IEventListenerPlugin The plugin that is given the access to the portal events.
FilePlugin IFilePlugin The plugin that can interact with the file list.