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How to install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors?

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Starting from version 6.1, this application is also supported by ARM-based Apple Silicon Macs.

The simplest way to install this application on your local computer is to download it from our official website.

For some Linux distributions, like Zorin OS, Linux Mint, Linkat, Linspire, etc., the ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors package is already pre-installed or available on their official stores.

How to enable debug mode?

To enable debug mode, run the desktop editor with --ascdesktop-support-debug-info flag.

How to add plugins to the desktop editors?

Some plugins are installed by default in the desktop editors and displayed within the Plugins tab. You can install additional plugins through the plugin manager or the plugin folder. Find out more information in this section.

Can I add my DMS provider to the default connection list?

Yes, you can. Follow the instructions on this page.

In this way, you can add the DMS provider only to your own connection list. If you want to add it for all the users, submit a feature request on GitHub.

How to check DMS portal availability?

To check the portal availability, you need to send the GET request. If the portal is available, then the HTTP_STATUS_CODE = 200 response is expected.

These two parameters should be specified in the integration config to create this request:

  • check.url - the URL used in the request,
  • check.headers - the headers added to the ajax request.
    "name" : "Nextcloud",
    "check": {
        "url": "status.php",
            "OCS-APIREQUEST": true
How to find out the file status?

Declare the following global function:

window.DesktopUpdateFile = function ()

It will be called by the desktop app to notify the user about the completion of file editing.

How to check if the document is being opened in the desktop application?

There are three ways for the desktop app to be recognized:

  • ?desktop = true is added to the parameters of the server request address.
  • Starting from version 6.1, the application adds the AscDesktopEditor $version$ line to the navigator.userAgent parameter. For example, AscDesktopEditor 5.6.0.
  • In JavaScript code there is also a window.AscDesktopEditor object the methods of which can send commands and information to the app.
How to open new windows in the desktop editors?

You can’t open new windows in the desktop editors because it is blocked (for example, for OAuth).

To open the document in a new window / tab correctly, you need to use the"") JavaScript command or the open:document command of the execCommand method. The details on how to open documents in the desktop editors can be found in this section.

How to check if the desktop app supports encryption?

To check if the desktop app supports encryption, call the following command:

typeof window.AscDesktopEditor.cloudCryptoCommand === "function"
How to remove all the read keys?

To reset the keys and add new ones, please do the following:

  • delete the keys in the DMS database;
  • delete the cloud_crypto.xml file from the sdkjs-plugins directory. The path to the folder depends on the operating system you use:

    • For Linux - home/<username>/.local/share/onlyoffice/desktopeditors/sdkjs-plugins/
    • For Windows - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\ONLYOFFICE\DesktopEditors\data\sdkjs-plugins\