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Portal settings

Name Resource Description
Check Recalculate Quota Task GET api/2.0/settings/checkrecalculatequota Check Recalculate Quota Task
Create custom navigation item POST api/2.0/settings/customnavigation/create Add Custom Navigation Item
Delete custom navigation item DELETE api/2.0/settings/customnavigation/delete/{id} Delete Custom Navigation Item by Id
Get all backup storages GET api/2.0/settings/storage/backup Get Storage
Get all cdn storages GET api/2.0/settings/storage/cdn Get Storage
Get all storages GET api/2.0/settings/storage Get Storage
Get custom navigation item GET api/2.0/settings/customnavigation/get/{id} Get Custom Navigation Item by Id
Get custom navigation item sample GET api/2.0/settings/customnavigation/getsample Get Custom Navigation Items Sample
Get custom navigation items GET api/2.0/settings/customnavigation/getall Get Custom Navigation Items
Get default SSO settings GET api/2.0/settings/ssov2/default Returns default portal SSO settings
Get ip restrictions GET api/2.0/settings/iprestrictions Get portal ip restrictions
Get LDAP AutoSync Cron expression GET api/2.0/settings/ldap/cron Returns current portal LDAP AutoSync cron expression if any
Get LDAP default settings GET api/2.0/settings/ldap/default Returns LDAP default settings
Get LDAP settings GET api/2.0/settings/ldap Returns current portal LDAP settings
Get LDAP sync process status GET api/2.0/settings/ldap/status Returns LDAP sync process status
Get product administrators GET api/2.0/settings/security/administrator/{productid}
Get security settings GET api/2.0/settings/security Returns security settings about product, module or addons
Get SMTP settings GET api/2.0/settings/smtp Returns current portal SMTP settings
Get SMTP test process status GET api/2.0/settings/smtp/test/status Returns SMTP test process status
Get socket settings GET api/2.0/settings/socket
Get space usage statistics GET api/2.0/settings/statistics/spaceusage/{id} Get WebItem Space Usage Statistics
Get SSO settings GET api/2.0/settings/ssov2 Returns current portal SSO settings
Get SSO settings constants GET api/2.0/settings/ssov2/constants Returns SSO settings constants
Get storage progress GET api/2.0/settings/storage/progress Get Storage
Get visit statistics GET api/2.0/settings/statistics/visit Get User Visit Statistics
Get web item security info GET api/2.0/settings/security/{id}
Is product administrator GET api/2.0/settings/security/administrator
Password settings GET api/2.0/settings/security/password Get portal password settings
Portal logo GET api/2.0/settings/logo Get portal logo image URL
Portal settings GET api/2.0/settings Returns the list of all available portal settings with the current values for each one
Recalculate Quota GET api/2.0/settings/recalculatequota Start Recalculate Quota Task
Reset cdn to default DELETE api/2.0/settings/storage/cdn
Reset SMTP settings DELETE api/2.0/settings/smtp Reset SMTP settings for current portal
Reset SSO settings DELETE api/2.0/settings/ssov2 Reset SSO settings for current portal
Reset storage to default DELETE api/2.0/settings/storage
Save ip restrictions PUT api/2.0/settings/iprestrictions save new portal ip restrictions
Save LDAP settings POST api/2.0/settings/ldap Save LDAP settings and start import/sync users and groups process by LDAP
Save LDAP settings POST api/2.0/settings/ldap/save/test Starts the process of collecting preliminary changes on the portal according to the LDAP settings
Save SMTP settings POST api/2.0/settings/smtp Save SMTP settings for current portal
Save SSO settings POST api/2.0/settings/ssov2 Save SSO settings for current portal
Set access PUT api/2.0/settings/security/access Set access to products, modules or addons
Set product administrator PUT api/2.0/settings/security/administrator
Set security settings PUT api/2.0/settings/security Set security settings for product, module or addons
Sets LDAP AutoSync Cron expression POST api/2.0/settings/ldap/cron Sets current portal LDAP AutoSync cron expression
Space usage GET api/2.0/settings/quota Returns space usage quota for portal with the space usage of each module
Sync LDAP GET api/2.0/settings/ldap/sync Start sync users and groups process by LDAP
Sync LDAP GET api/2.0/settings/ldap/sync/test Starts the process of collecting preliminary changes on the portal according to the selected LDAP settings
Telegram disconnect DELETE api/2.0/settings/telegramdisconnect Unlinks TelegramBot from your account
Telegram is connected GET api/2.0/settings/telegramisconnected Checks if user has connected TelegramBot
Test SMTP settings GET api/2.0/settings/smtp/test Test SMTP settings for current portal (send test message to user email)
Tfa app new app PUT api/2.0/settings/tfaappnewapp Unlinks current two-factor auth application
Tfa app request new codes PUT api/2.0/settings/tfaappnewcodes Requests new backup codes for two-factor application
Tfa settings PUT api/2.0/settings/tfaapp Update two-factor authentication settings
Update cdn PUT api/2.0/settings/storage/cdn Get Storage
Update email activation settings PUT api/2.0/settings/emailactivation update email activation settings
Update ip restrictions settings PUT api/2.0/settings/iprestrictions/settings update ip restrictions settings
Update storage PUT api/2.0/settings/storage Get Storage
Update tips settings PUT api/2.0/settings/tips update tips settings
Update tips subscription PUT api/2.0/settings/tips/change/subscription change tips&tricks subscription