audit trail data

Name Resource Description
Generate the audit trail report POST api/2.0/security/audit/events/report Generates the audit trail report.
Get audit trail data GET api/2.0/security/audit/events/last Returns a list of the latest changes (creation, modification, deletion, etc.) made by users to the entities (tasks, opportunities, files, etc.) on the portal.
Get audit trail mappers GET api/2.0/security/audit/mappers Returns the mappers for the audit trail types.
Get audit trail types GET api/2.0/security/audit/types Returns all the available audit trail types.
Get filtered audit trail data GET api/2.0/security/audit/events/filter Returns a list of the audit events by the parameters specified in the request.
Get the audit trail settings GET api/2.0/security/audit/settings/lifetime Returns the audit trail settings.
Set the audit trail settings POST api/2.0/security/audit/settings/lifetime Sets the audit trail settings for the current portal.