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Name Resource Description
Add message comment POST api/2.0/project/message/{messageid}/comment Adds a comment to the selected message in a discussion within the project with the content specified in the request. The parent comment ID can also be selected.
Add project comment POST api/2.0/project/comment
Add task comment POST api/2.0/project/task/{taskid}/comment Adds the comments for the selected task with the comment text and parent comment ID specified in the request
Get comment GET api/2.0/project/comment/{commentid} Returns the information about the comment with the ID specified in the request
Get preview POST api/2.0/project/comment/preview Get preview
Message comments GET api/2.0/project/message/{messageid}/comment Returns the list of comments to the messages in the discussions within the project with the ID specified in the request
Remove comment DELETE api/2.0/project/comment/{commentid} Remove comment with the id specified in the request
Task comments GET api/2.0/project/task/{taskid}/comment Returns the list of the comments for the task with the ID specified in the request
Update comment PUT api/2.0/project/comment/{commentid}