Name Resource Description
Get filtered messages GET api/2.0/mail/messages Returns the filtered messages in case there were changes since last check date
Get message GET api/2.0/mail/messages/{id} Returns the detailed information about message with the ID specified in the request
Get message template GET api/2.0/mail/messages/template Returns the message template. Message teplate - empty message JSON.
Get prev next message id GET api/2.0/mail/messages/{id}/{direction} Get previous or next message id. U
Attach document POST api/2.0/mail/messages/{id}/document Attaches Teamlab document to the specified message
Add attachment POST api/2.0/mail/messages/attachment/add Add attachment to draft
Add calendar body POST api/2.0/mail/messages/calendarbody/add Add attachment to draft
Mark messages PUT api/2.0/mail/messages/mark Sets the status for messages specified by ids.
Move messages PUT api/2.0/mail/messages/move Moves the messages to the specified folder
Send message PUT api/2.0/mail/messages/send Sends the message with the ID specified in the request
Save message PUT api/2.0/mail/messages/save Saves the message with the ID specified in the request
Remove messages PUT api/2.0/mail/messages/remove Removes the selected messages
Restore messages PUT api/2.0/mail/messages/restore Restores the messages to their original folders
Export message to crm PUT api/2.0/mail/messages/crm/export Export mail to CRM relations history for some entities
Export attachment to documents PUT api/2.0/mail/messages/attachment/export Export attachment to MyDocuments
Export attachments to documents PUT api/2.0/mail/messages/attachments/export Export all message's attachments to MyDocuments
Delete message attachment DELETE api/2.0/mail/messages/{messageid}/attachments/{attachmentid} Deletes the selected attachment from the message with the ID specified in the request