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Name Resource Description
Add tag to conversations PUT api/2.0/mail/conversations/tag/{tag_id}/set Add the specified tag to conversations.
Get conversation GET api/2.0/mail/conversation/{id} Get list of messages linked into one chain (conversation)
Get prev next conversation id GET api/2.0/mail/conversation/{id}/{direction} Get previous or next conversation id.
Gets filtered conversations GET api/2.0/mail/conversations Returns filtered conversations, if were changes since last check date
Is conversation linked with crm GET api/2.0/mail/conversations/link/crm/status Method checks is chain crm linked by message_id.
Link conversation to crm PUT api/2.0/mail/conversations/crm/link Marks conversation as CRM linked. All new mail will be added to CRM history.
Mark conversation as crm linked PUT api/2.0/mail/conversations/crm/mark Marks conversation as CRM linked. All new mail will be added to CRM history.
Move conversations to folder PUT api/2.0/mail/conversations/move Moves conversation specified in ids to the folder.
Remove conversations PUT api/2.0/mail/conversations/remove Removes conversations from folders
Remove tag from conversations PUT api/2.0/mail/conversations/tag/{tag_id}/unset Removes the specified tag from conversations.
Restore conversations to original folders PUT api/2.0/mail/conversations/restore Restores all the conversations previously moved to specific folders to their original folders.
Set conversations status PUT api/2.0/mail/conversations/mark Sets the status for the conversations specified by ids.
Unmark conversation as crm linked PUT api/2.0/mail/conversations/crm/unmark Method tears conversation link with crm.