Name Resource Description
Get accounts GET api/2.0/mail/accounts Returns lists of all mailboxes, aliases and groups for user.
Get account GET api/2.0/mail/accounts/single Returns the information about the account.
Get accounts defaults GET api/2.0/mail/accounts/setups Gets the default settings for the account based on the email domain.
Create account POST api/2.0/mail/accounts Creates account using full information about mail servers.
Create account O auth POST api/2.0/mail/accounts/oauth Creates Mail account with OAuth authentication. Only Google OAuth supported.
Create account simple POST api/2.0/mail/accounts/simple Creates an account based on email and password.
Update account PUT api/2.0/mail/accounts Updates the existing account.
Set account enable PUT api/2.0/mail/accounts/state Sets the state for the account specified in the request
Set default account PUT api/2.0/mail/accounts/default Sets the default account specified in the request
Set account E mail in folder PUT api/2.0/mail/accounts/emailinfolder Sets the state for the account specified in the request
Delete account DELETE api/2.0/mail/accounts Deletes account by email.