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Name Resource Description
Change history PUT api/2.0/files/file/{fileId}/history Change version history
Create file POST api/2.0/files/{folderId}/file Creates a new file in the specified folder with the title sent in the request
Create file in My POST api/2.0/files/@my/file Creates a new file in the My section with the title sent in the request
Editing open GET api/2.0/files/file/{fileId}/openedit Get initialization configuration for open editor
Editing save PUT api/2.0/files/file/{fileId}/saveediting Save file
Editing start POST api/2.0/files/file/{fileId}/startedit Lock file when editing
Editing track GET api/2.0/files/file/{fileId}/trackeditfile Continue to lock file when editing
Favorite add POST api/2.0/files/favorites Adding files to favorite list
Favorite delete DELETE api/2.0/files/favorites Removing files from favorite list
File information GET api/2.0/files/file/{fileId} Returns a detailed information about the file with the ID specified in the request
File versions GET api/2.0/files/file/{fileId}/history Returns the detailed information about all the available file versions with the ID specified in the request
Template add POST api/2.0/files/templates Adding files to template list
Template delete DELETE api/2.0/files/templates Removing files from template list
Update file info PUT api/2.0/files/file/{fileId} Updates the information of the selected file with the parameters specified in the request
Update file stream PUT api/2.0/files/{fileId}/update Update file content