Name Resource Description
Attach files to the entity POST api/2.0/crm/{entityType}/{entityid}/files Attaches the selected file(s) to the entity specified in the request.
Create a text file POST api/2.0/crm/{entityType}/{entityid}/files/text Creates a text (.txt) file in the selected folder with the title and contents specified in the request.
Delete a file DELETE api/2.0/crm/files/{fileid} Deletes a file with the ID specified in the request.
Get entity files GET api/2.0/crm/{entityType}/{entityid}/files Returns a list of all the files for the entity with the ID and type specified in the request.
Get root folder ID GET api/2.0/crm/files/root Returns the ID of the root folder used to store the CRM module files.
Upload a file POST api/2.0/crm/{entityType}/{entityid}/files/upload Uploads a file to the CRM module with the parameters specified in the request.