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Name Resource Description
Add currency rates POST api/2.0/crm/currency/addrates Add currency rates
Change currency PUT api/2.0/crm/settings/currency Change default CRM currency
Change web form key PUT api/2.0/crm/settings/webformkey/change Change Website Contact Form key
Create currency rate POST api/2.0/crm/currency/rates Create new currency rate object
Delete currency rate DELETE api/2.0/crm/currency/rates/{id} Delete currency rate object
Get currency list GET api/2.0/crm/settings/currency Returns the list of all currencies currently available on the portal
Get currency rate GET api/2.0/crm/currency/rates/{id} Get currency rate by id
Get currency rate GET api/2.0/crm/currency/rates/{fromCurrency}/{toCurrency} Get currency rate by currencies
Get currency rates list GET api/2.0/crm/currency/rates Get the list of currency rates
Get the result of convertation GET api/2.0/crm/settings/currency/convert Returns the result of convertation from one currency to another
Get the summary table GET api/2.0/crm/settings/currency/summarytable Returns the summary table with rates for selected currency
Set currency rates POST api/2.0/crm/currency/setrates Set currency rates
Set tenant settings PUT api/2.0/crm/settings Set IsConfiguredPortal tenant setting and website contact form key specified in the request
Update currency rate PUT api/2.0/crm/currency/rates/{id} Update currency rate object