Defines the method that makes the document to recalculate its content data.

Force the document to recalculate its content data. If the document content is changed and recalculation is needed, isRecalculate must be set to true. It is necessary because the recalculation process is asynchronous. Moreover, some other data might need to be uploaded (e.g. a font or something else).

When using plugins with OLE objects isRecalculate is not necessary as the document recalculates its data itself.

Type boolean

window.Asc.plugin.init = function () {
    var sScript = 'var oDocument = Api.GetDocument();';
    sScript += 'oDocument.CreateNewHistoryPoint();';
    sScript += 'oParagraph = Api.CreateParagraph();';
    sScript += 'oParagraph.AddText(\'Hello word!\');';
    sScript += 'oDocument.InsertContent([oParagraph]);'; = true;
    this.executeCommand("close", sScript);