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window.Asc.plugin.executeMethod ("GetCurrentContentControlPr", [args], callback)


Defines the method that allows getting current content control properties.


This method should be used in the following way:

window.Asc.plugin.executeMethod ("GetCurrentContentControlPr", [contentFormat]);
Parameter Description Type Example
contentFormat The content format ("none", "text", "html", "ole" or "desktop"). string "text"

The method returns the ContentControlProperties object containing the content control properties in the following form (JSON):

    "Id" : number,
    "Tag" : string,
    "Lock" : number,
    "Alias" : string,
    "Appearance" : number,
    "Color" : {
        "R": number,
        "G": number,
        "B": number
Parameter Description Type Example
Id A unique content control identifier. It can be used to search for a certain content control and make reference to it in your code. number 0
Tag A tag assigned to the content control. The same tag can be assigned to several content controls so that you can make reference to them in your code. string "{tag}"
Lock A value that defines if it is possible to delete and/or edit the content control or not. number 0
Alias The alias attribute. string "№1"
Appearance Defines if the content control is shown as the bounding box (1) or not (2). number 1
Color The color for the current content control in the RGB format:
  • R - red color component value,
    type: number,
    example: 0;
  • G - green color component value,
    type: number,
    example: 0;
  • B - blue color component value,
    type: number,
    example: 255;

The Lock parameter can have the following values:

Numeric value Edit Delete
0 No Yes
1 No No
2 Yes No
3 Yes Yes
window.Asc.plugin.event_onClick = function(isSelectionUse) {
    window.Asc.plugin.executeMethod("GetCurrentContentControlPr", [], function(obj) {
        window.Asc.plugin.currentContentControl = obj;
        var controlTag = obj ? obj.Tag : "";
        if (isSelectionUse)
            controlTag = "";