ConvertDocument([sConvertType], [bHtmlHeadings], [bBase64img], [bDemoteHeadings], [bRenderHTMLTags]) → { string }

Converts a document to Markdown or HTML text.


Name Type Default Description
sConvertType "markdown" | "html" "markdown"

Conversion type ("markdown" or "html").

bHtmlHeadings boolean false

Defines if the HTML headings and IDs will be generated when the Markdown renderer of your target platform does not handle Markdown-style IDs.

bBase64img boolean false

Defines if the images will be created in the base64 format.

bDemoteHeadings boolean false

Defines if all heading levels in your document will be demoted to conform with the following standard: single H1 as title, H2 as top-level heading in the text body.

bRenderHTMLTags boolean false

Defines if HTML tags will be preserved in your Markdown. If you just want to use an occasional HTML tag, you can avoid using the opening angle bracket in the following way: <tag>text</tag>. By default, the opening angle brackets will be replaced with the special characters.




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var sInfo = "";
window.Asc.plugin.executeMethod ("ConvertDocument", ["markdown", false, false, true, false], function (sOutput) {
    document.getElementById ("text-area").value = sInfo + sOutput;