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window.Asc.plugin.executeMethod ("AddContentControlPicture", [args], callback)


Defines the method that allows adding an empty content control picture to the document.


This method should be used in the following way:

window.Asc.plugin.executeMethod ("AddContentControlPicture", [commonPr]);
Parameter Description Type Example
commonPr Defines the common content control properties:
  • Id - a unique identifier of the content control. It can be used to search for a certain content control and make reference to it in the code,
    type: number,
    example: 0;
  • Tag - a tag assigned to the content control. The same tag can be assigned to several content controls so that it is possible to make reference to them in your code,
    type: string,
    example: "{tag}";
  • Lock - a value that defines if it is possible to delete and/or edit the content control or not,
    type: number,
    example: 0.

The Lock parameter can have the following values:

Numeric value Edit Delete
0 No Yes
1 No No
2 Yes No
3 Yes Yes

The method returns the undefined value.

window.Asc.plugin.executeMethod ("AddContentControlPicture", [{"Id" : 7, "Tag" : "{tag}", "Lock" : 0}]);