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Connects a Zotero account for adding references to the document in full accordance with the chosen style guides.

Plugin type: visual, non-system.

Supported editors: documents.

Analogues: Mendeley, EasyBib.


Available by default in ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition, Community Edition (Document Server + Community Server), and ONLYOFFICE cloud.

You can also download this plugin from the ONLYOFFICE App Directory and install it following the desktop installation instruction.

Connect ONLYOFFICE to Zotero account
  1. Find the plugin on the Plugins tab.
  2. Click the Zotero API settings link.
  3. On the Zotero site, create a new key, copy and paste it to the API key field in the editor.
  4. Click the Save button.
  1. Find the plugin on the Plugins tab.
  2. Find the necessary bibliography by author, title or year.
  3. Select all the necessary sources.
  4. Choose the reference style from the Style pull-down menu.
  5. Click the Insert Bibliography button. The bibliography list will be inserted at the cursor position.
Known issues

For CentOS users with SELinx enabled, after copying the src folder to sdkjs-plugins, plugins may not work due to the variable file security context. To restore the rights, use the following command:

sudo restorecon -Rv /var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver/sdkjs-plugins/

After that restart the services:

sudo supervisorctl restart ds:docservice
Plugin structure

Repository on GitHub:

  1. config.json, index.html and code.js
  2. Icons
  3. plugin_style.css are used to adjust the plugin style.
  4. The translations folder contains translations into Russian, German, Spanish, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and French.
  5. zotero.js allows the user to get access to their Zotero account.
  6. Third-party services:
    "name" : "Zotero",
    "guid" : "asc.{0788E794-718F-4697-BCEC-3E8A0F44570B}",

    "variations" : [
            "description" : "Zotero",
            "url"         : "index.html",

            "icons"           : ["icon.png", "icon@2x.png", "icon.png", "icon@2x.png"],
            "isViewer"        : true,
            "EditorsSupport"  : ["word"],

            "isVisual"        : true,
            "isModal"         : true,
            "isInsideMode"    : false,

            "initDataType"    : "text",
            "initData"        : "",

            "isUpdateOleOnResize" : false,

            "buttons"        : [
                    "text": "Link",
                    "primary": true,
                    "textLocale": {
                        "ru": "Ссылка",
                        "fr": "Lien",
                        "es": "Enlace",
                        "de": "Referenz"
                    "text": "Bibliography",
                    "primary": true,
                    "textLocale": {
                        "ru": "Библиография",
                        "fr": "Bibliographie",
                        "es": "Bibliografía",
                        "de": "Literaturverzeichnis"
                    "text": "Clear local storage",
                    "primary": true,
                    "textLocale": {
                        "ru": "Очистить локальное хранилище",
                        "fr": "Effacer le stockage local",
                        "es": "Borrar almacenamiento local",
                        "de": "Löschen Sie den lokalen Speicher"
                    "text": "Cancel",
                    "primary": false,
                    "textLocale": {
                        "ru": "Отмена",
                        "fr": "Annuler",
                        "es": "Cancelar",
                        "de": "Abbrechen"

            "initOnSelectionChanged" : true
Methods and events

The main plugin code is located here.


If you want to request a feature or report a bug regarding this plugin, use the issues section on GitHub.