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Connects the Telegram application for instant messaging within the ONLYOFFICE editors.

The plugin has no access to the camera and microphone, so you will be unable to record voice and video messages. Also, it does not work in the incognito mode.

Plugin type: visual, non-system.

Supported editors: documents, spreadsheets, presentations.

Analogues: Rainbow, Jitsi.


Available by default in ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition and Community Edition (Document Server + Community Server).

You can also download this plugin from the ONLYOFFICE App Directory and install it following the desktop or cloud installation instructions.

  1. Find the plugin on the Plugins tab.
  2. Log in to your Telegram account.

By default, this plugin uses If you need to change it, open the index.html file and insert the new URL in the iframe src field.

Plugin structure

Repository on GitHub:

  1. config.json, index.html, and code.js
  2. Icons
  3. Third-party service:
    "name" : "Telegram",
    "nameLocale": {
        "ru": "Telegram",
        "fr": "Telegram",
        "es": "Telegram",
        "de": "Telegram"
    "guid" : "asc.{E5773A43-F9B3-4E81-81D9-CE0A132470E7}",
    "version" : "1.0.0",

    "variations" : [
            "description" : "Chat with co-authors in real time using integrated Telegram client.",
            "descriptionLocale": {
                "ru": "Общайтесь с другими авторами в режиме реального времени в Telegram.",
                "fr": "Chattez avec vos co-auteurs en temps réel grâce au client Telegram intégré.",
                "es": "Chatee con los coautores en tiempo real utilizando el cliente integrado de Telegram.",
                "de": "Unterhalten Sie sich mit Mitautoren in Echtzeit über den integrierten Telegram-Client."
            "url"         : "index.html",

            "icons": [ "resources/img/icon.png", "resources/img/icon@2x.png" ],
            "icons2": [
                    "100%": { "normal": "resources/img/icon.png" },
                    "125%": { "normal": "resources/img/icon@1.25x.png" },
                    "150%": { "normal": "resources/img/icon@1.5x.png" },
                    "175%": { "normal": "resources/img/icon@1.75x.png" },
                    "200%": { "normal": "resources/img/icon@2x.png" }
            "isViewer"        : true,
            "EditorsSupport"  : ["word", "cell", "slide"],
            "isVisual"        : true,
            "isModal"         : false,
            "isInsideMode"    : true,
            "initDataType"    : "none",
            "store" : {
                "background" : {
                    "light" : "#26A8DE",
                    "dark"  : "#26A8DE"
                "screenshots" : ["resources/store/screenshots/screen_1.png"],
                "icons"       : {
                    "light" : "resources/store/icons",
                    "dark"  : "resources/store/icons"
Methods and events

If you want to request a feature or report a bug regarding this plugin, use the issues section on GitHub.