common settings

Name Resource Description
Close the admin helper notification PUT api/2.0/settings/closeadminhelper Closes the admin helper notification.
Complete the Wizard settings PUT api/2.0/settings/wizard/complete Completes the Wizard settings.
Delete a color theme DELETE api/2.0/settings/colortheme Deletes the portal color theme with the ID specified in the request.
Get a color theme GET api/2.0/settings/colortheme Returns the portal color theme.
Get a portal logo GET api/2.0/settings/logo Returns the portal logo image URL.
Get hostname GET api/2.0/settings/machine Returns the portal hostname.
Get supported languages GET api/2.0/settings/cultures Returns a list of all the available portal languages in the format of a two-letter or four-letter language code (e.g. "de", "en-US", etc.).
Get the payment settings GET api/2.0/settings/payment Returns the portal payment settings.
Get the portal settings GET api/2.0/settings Returns a list of all the available portal settings with the current values for each parameter.
Get the socket settings GET api/2.0/settings/socket Returns the socket settings.
Get time zones GET api/2.0/settings/timezones Returns a list of all the available portal time zones.
Save a color theme PUT api/2.0/settings/colortheme Saves the portal color theme specified in the request.
Save the DNS settings PUT api/2.0/settings/dns Saves the DNS settings specified in the request to the current portal.
Save the mail domain settings POST api/2.0/settings/maildomainsettings Saves the mail domain settings specified in the request to the portal.
Update the email activation settings PUT api/2.0/settings/emailactivation Updates the email activation settings.