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Name Resource Description
Deactivate a portal PUT api/2.0/portal/suspend Deactivates the current portal.
Delete a portal DELETE api/2.0/portal/delete Deletes the current portal.
Delete a portal immediately DELETE api/2.0/portal/deleteportalimmediately Deletes the current portal immediately.
Get a bookmark thumbnail GET api/2.0/portal/thumb Returns a thumbnail of the bookmark URL specified in the request.
Get a path to the portal GET api/2.0/portal/path Returns the full absolute path to the current portal.
Get a portal GET api/2.0/portal Returns the current portal.
Get a shortened link PUT api/2.0/portal/getshortenlink Returns a link specified in the request in the shortened format.
Register the mobile app installation POST api/2.0/portal/mobile/registration Registers the mobile app installation.
Restore a portal PUT api/2.0/portal/continue Restores the current portal.
Send removal instructions POST api/2.0/portal/delete Sends the instructions to remove the current portal.
Send suspension instructions POST api/2.0/portal/suspend Sends the instructions to suspend the current portal.