third-party integration

Name Resource Description
Get a third-party account backup GET api/2.0/files/thirdparty/backup Return a backup of the connected third-party account.
Get common third-party services GET api/2.0/files/thirdparty/common Returns a list of the third-party services connected to the "Common" section.
Get providers GET api/2.0/files/thirdparty/capabilities Returns a list of the available providers.
Get third-party accounts GET api/2.0/files/thirdparty Returns a list of all the connected third-party accounts.
Remove a third-party account DELETE api/2.0/files/thirdparty/{providerId} Removes the third-party storage service account with the ID specified in the request.
Save a third-party account POST api/2.0/files/thirdparty Saves the third-party storage service account. For WebDav, Yandex, kDrive and SharePoint, the login and password are used for authentication. For other providers, the authentication is performed using a token received via OAuth 2.0.
Save a third-party account backup POST api/2.0/files/thirdparty/backup Saves a backup of the connected third-party account.