Name Resource Description
Ask a new file name PUT api/2.0/files/keepnewfilename Specifies whether to ask a user for a file name on creation or not.
Change the ability to store the forcesaved files PUT api/2.0/files/storeforcesave Changes the ability to store the forcesaved file versions.
Change the ability to upload original formats PUT api/2.0/files/storeoriginal Changes the ability to upload documents in the original formats as well.
Change the archive format (using body parameters) PUT api/2.0/files/settings/downloadtargz Changes the format of the downloaded archive from .zip to .tar.gz. This method uses the body parameters.
Change the default access rights PUT api/2.0/files/settings/dafaultaccessrights Changes the default access rights in the sharing settings.
Change the external sharing ability PUT api/2.0/files/settings/external Changes the ability to share a file externally.
Change the external sharing ability on social networks PUT api/2.0/files/settings/externalsocialmedia Changes the ability to share a file externally on social networks.
Change the forcasaving ability PUT api/2.0/files/forcesave Changes the ability to force save a file.
Change the third-party settings access PUT api/2.0/files/thirdparty Changes the access to the third-party settings.
Check the document service URL PUT api/2.0/files/docservice Checks the document service location.
Check the Private Room availability GET api/2.0/files/@privacy/available Checks if the Private Room settings are available or not.
Confirm the file deletion PUT api/2.0/files/changedeleteconfrim Specifies whether to confirm the file deletion or not.
Get file settings GET api/2.0/files/settings Returns all the file settings.
Get the auto-clearing setting properties GET api/2.0/files/settings/autocleanup Returns the auto-clearing setting properties.
Get the Documents information GET api/2.0/files/info Returns the information about the Documents module.
Update a file version if it exists PUT api/2.0/files/updateifexist Updates a file version if a file with such a name already exists.
Update the trash bin auto-clearing setting PUT api/2.0/files/settings/autocleanup Updates the trash bin auto-clearing setting.