Step 1. Create a plugin template

Create a plugin template and configure its settings which will be displayed in the DocSpace plugin settings:

  1. To create a plugin template, open the terminal and run the following npx command:

    npx create-docspace-plugin

    If the npx command is not avaibale, install the @onlyoffice/docspace-plugin-sdk npm package globally using the following command:

    npm i -g @onlyoffice/docspace-plugin-sdk
  2. Configure the plugin in the terminal by specifying settings in the dialog. All the settings are described here.

    For the speech-to-text plugin, you can use the following values:

    Dialog question Value
    Speech to Text Conversion is a speech recognition software that allows you to recognize and translate spoken speech into text.
    API, Settings, Context menu
    Speech template

    A folder with the plugin template will be placed at the path where you executed the command.

    Speech template location

    You can change all the specified parameters later in the package.json file.

    You can also create a plugin in any project by adding the @onlyoffice/docspace-plugin-sdk npm package as a dependency and specifying all the necessary fields in the package.json file.