Step 6. Create the settings plugin type

Configure the settings plugin type to provide users with the administrator settings.

  1. Create a container where the plugin settings will be placed:

    const descriptionText: TextGroup = {
        component: Components.text,
        props: {
            text: "To generate API token visit",
            color: "#A3A9AE",
            fontSize: "12px",
            fontWeight: 400,
            lineHeight: "16px",
    const descGroup: BoxGroup = {
        props: { children: [descriptionText] },
    const parentBox: IBox = {
        displayProp: "flex",
        flexDirection: "column",
        // marginProp: "16px 0 0 0",
        children: [tokenGroup, descGroup],

    In the settings description, indicate that it is necessary to generate an API token in order to be able to work with the plugin.

  2. Configure the administrator settings with the ISettings object:

    const adminSettings: ISettings = {
        settings: parentBox,
        saveButton: userButtonComponent,
        onLoad: async () => {
            tokenInput.value = assemblyAI.apiToken;
            if (!assemblyAI.apiToken) return { settings: parentBox };
            return { settings: parentBox };

    Specify the onLoad event which defines which plugin settings will be displayed when the settins block is loaded.

Each settings item is determined in separate files (buttons, token).

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