The plugin that is given the access to the portal events.

Interface: IEventListenerPlugin.

Name Description Type Example
Stores a collection of elements where the keys are the key parameters from the EventListenerItem objects. A list of event listeners is generated based on this collection. collection of IEventListenerItem

Methods and their description:

  • addEventListenerItem - add a new event listener item.

    Name Description Type Example
    eventListenerItems Defines an event listener item. IEventListenerItem
  • getEventListenerItems - get all the event listener items.

import {IEventListenerPlugin, IEventListenerItem} from "@onlyoffice/docspace-plugin-sdk";

class Plugin implements IEventListenerPlugin {
    eventListenerItems: Map<string, IEventListenerItem> = new Map();

    addEventListenerItem = (item: IEventListenerItem): void => {
        this.eventListenerItems.set(item.key, item);

    getEventListenerItems = (): Map<string, IEventListenerItem> => {
        return this.eventListenerItems;