Building plugin

To build a plugin, you need the yarn package manager to be installed. After that, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the terminal and go to the plugin root folder:

    cd PDF-Converter
  2. Install all the necessary dependencies (if this was not done previously when creating the plugin template):

    yarn install
  3. Collect an archive for uploading to the portal:

    yarn build

This command generates the obfuscated code from the entire project and collects it into the plugin.js file using the webpack npm package. After that the plugin builder from the createZip.js file generates the config.json file from the package.json data and creates an archive that contains the assets folder, the plugin.js file, and the config.json file.

The dist folder will be created in the root plugin folder and the plugin archive will be placed in it. This archive is the completed plugin that can be uploaded to the DocSpace portal.