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new ApiStyle()

Class representing a style.


Name Description
GetClassType Get the type of this class.
GetConditionalTableStyle Get a set of formatting properties which will be conditionally applied to the parts of a table that match the requirement specified in the sType parameter.
GetName Get the name of the current style.
GetParaPr Get the paragraph properties of the current style.
GetTableCellPr Get the table cell properties for the current style.
GetTablePr Get the table properties of the current style.
GetTableRowPr Get the table row properties of the current style.
GetTextPr Get the text properties of the current style.
GetType Get the type of the current style.
SetBasedOn Specify the reference to the parent style which this style inherits from in the style hierarchy.
SetName Set the name of the current style.


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var oDocument = Api.GetDocument();
var oTable, oTableStyle;
oTableStyle = oDocument.CreateStyle("CustomTableStyle", "table");
oTableStyle.SetBasedOn(oDocument.GetStyle("Bordered - Accent 5"));
oTable = Api.CreateTable(2, 2);
oTable.SetWidth("percent", 100);
builder.SaveFile("docx", "SetBasedOn.docx");

Resulting document