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bool OpenFile(sPath, sParams);

Open the document file which will be edited and saved afterwards.


Name Type Attributes Description
sPath const wchar_t* The path to the file to be opened together with its name and extension.
sParams const wchar_t* <optional> The parameters needed for the correct file opening (most commonly the encoding is used for the txt and csv file types or the delimiter for the csv files, for other file types this is just an empty string). The parameters are added in the form of XML tags, where m_nCsvTxtEncoding is used for the text encoding and m_nCsvDelimiter is used for the csv delimiter. You can find all the supported values for the encoding in this file. The supported values for the csv delimiters include:
  • 0 - no delimiter
  • 1 - tab
  • 2 - semicolon
  • 3 - colon
  • 4 - comma
  • 5 - space



NSDoctRenderer::CDocBuilder oBuilder;
oBuilder.OpenFile(L"text-document.csv", "<m_nCsvTxtEncoding>46</m_nCsvTxtEncoding><m_nCsvDelimiter>4</m_nCsvDelimiter>");


builder.OpenFile("text-document.csv", "<m_nCsvTxtEncoding>46</m_nCsvTxtEncoding><m_nCsvDelimiter>4</m_nCsvDelimiter>");